About ABF

Atlanta Beer Festivals Team

Our People:

Mike DiLonardo, Director of Operations
Michael is in charge of all ABF business operations, festival logistics, corporate partnerships, and marketing. If Mike isn’t working on beer festivals, he can be found working on his golf game.  He is available as a ringer to help you win your next charity golf tournament.  Contact him at mike@atlantabeerfestivals.com

Pour’n Director
Our volunteer coordinator manages the recruitment of volunteers and the beer pouring logistics involved in a smooth, beer-flowing event.  Our volunteer list is currently full, so we are no longer taking new names.

Santiago Hampton, Logistics
As our resident muscle, Santiago is in charge of all keg movement at our festivals.  He will also move: tables, tents, ice, and other equipment.  He has worked every single beer festivals hosted by Atlanta Beer Festivals.  He is currently working full time in the restaurant business, and is a volunteer ultimate frisbee coach.